Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Plan 6/5 - 6/11

We only have a couple of crazy nights this week so I think I might actually get to have a few home cooked meals this week.  But, im sure my kiddos will find a way to change that. (=

SundayButtery Garlic and Herb Red Fish over rice  Quick and Easy but delicious. 

Monday - Tacos.  Nothing fancy, just the basics tonight.

Tuesday - Turkey cheese loaf (this link is for ham/cheese loaf, but we use turkey instead) my kiddos love this recipe.  

Wednesday - (Breakfast for dinner night) Breakfast Burritos I havent tried this recipe, but it is very similar to mine so i linked it so i wouldnt have to type up mine. (=

Thursday - What ever you can find to make quick because we have way too little time to cook tonight. (most likely corndogs and mac  and cheese)

Friday - Pizza night (we buy ours from Sam's Club, they are cheap and  good) here is a recipe for buffalo chicken pizza that I just might have to try to make soon.

Saturday - Chicken quesadillas. I just throw mine together however i feel that day but here is a recipe that sounds good to try: Chicken Quesadillas

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