Monday, January 3, 2011

my cvs trip 1/2

Transaction #1
"Buy $20 in Excedrin get $10 ECB"

Excedrin PM 20ct        4.99
Excedrin PM 20ct        4.99
Excedrin xtra str 24ct   5.49
Excedrin migrain 20ct   5.49

coupons used:
2- $2.50 off Excedrin pm
1- Free excedrin migrain (5.49)
1- free excedrin xtra strength (5.49)
$2 ECB  (cvs extra care buck)

Total: $2.98
Gift card -$2.98
OOP = $0 (OOP = out of pocket)

Earned: $10 ECB for future visit

Transaction #2

V05 shampoo         .69
V05 conditioner      .69
CVS brand dayquil    5.49
CVS brand nyquil       2.19  (sale: buy 1 cvs brand get second half off)

coupons used:
(these 2 coupons printed at the coupon scanner in store)
1- cvs $1 off cvs brand pain reliever
1- cvs $1 off cvs cold remedy

Total (with tax): $7.13
Gift card - $7.13

OOP: $0

even if i didnt have the gift cards, this is a really good deal. $10.11 for 4 bottles of excedrin, 2 bottles of cold medicine and 2 bottles of shampoo/condtioner. but i also walked out with $10 in ECB to go toward my next trip to cvs on sunday 1/9.  (when i plan on stocking up on paper products)

a special thank you to my daughter Nicole for coming with me to cvs and helping!  LOVE YA!!

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